In addition to traditional marketing, MediaSoft utilizes the current technological advances in today's ever-changing Internet world to give each client cutting-edge approaches to bringing in unprecedented traffic. Among these approaches are:  
  Online Planning/Buying Top of page  
  We can place your product or site banner on each of our network portals to achieve maximum results for your campaign. Want more? We can place your ads on our foreign affiliate networked directories as well, giving you 100% global exposure if you prefer. Whatever your marketing needs, MediaSoft has the solution.  
  Direct E-Mail Promotions Top of page  
  E-Mail marketing can bring in hundreds of acquisitions to your site each day! We have the demographic to suit your needs, including leads from all over the globe.  
  Direct Mail from CoRegistration Top of page  
  Through our affiliations with lead generation sites, we have an incredible network of optin emails of people who have requested to be sent our promotional newsletters. Targeted end-users mean high percentage yields and a strong ROI.  
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Top of page  
  MediaSoft SEO uses our proven Search Engine Positioning techniques to rank more sites in more top positions than anyone in the industry. For more information about how Mediasoft's SEO Department can help your marketing needs, please call us at 203-248-3900 Ext. 10 and ask for an SEO Specialist.  
  Guerrilla Marketing Top of page  
  Guerrilla Marketing allows us to track and monitor your advertising campaigns in detail and modify them at a moment's notice. Unlike other advertising companies, you won't have to wait for weeks or months for decisions to be made.  
  Strategic Planning Top of page  
  Want one-giant blast of traffic, or a steady stream? Do you prefer certain countries? How about age ranges? Our optin databases contain the specific demographics you need! Through a combination of newsletters and specially designed creatives, we will expand upon your normal web-site campaign for maximum results.  
  Affiliate Planning Top of page  
  With our affiliations with over a dozen other portal directories world-wide, we can get your site on their newsletters as part of your campaign requirements. Between our affiliate portal partners, there are over 12,500,000 users who will be able to view your advertisement!  
  Creative & Image Development Top of page  
Want a complete turn-key package? Our graphics team can design your product banners or website for you, in Flash or regular animated GIF format. Let us design your entire newsletter or full-page mailing as well.