Thank you eScrubber! I want to be as compliant as possible but can't afford Michigan's Fees! Your solution is cheaper and just as effective!




We've decided to entirely skip Michigan and Utah from our marketing mailers, and thanks to eScrubber, we're doing just that!


eScrubber cleans your lists by doing the following:
1. eScrubber scans your data and, if it finds a date of birth field, will purge all records where the date of birth field implies the person is under 18 years of age.
2. eScrubber scans your data for Michigan and Utah states, as well as any other programmable states you wish to add, and deletes the data.
3. eScrubber scans your data for an IP address per record, and automatically determines if the IP address of the person is within Utah, Michigan, or whatever state you wish to choose!
4. eScrubber removes duplicate email names, compacts your original list data into one master file for ease of use
5. eScrubber filters out international names and can store them separately.
6. eScrubber creates .TXT files and .CSV files for Excel
7. eScrubber allows for a suppression list check to remove unwanted names, as well as an exclusion list, to remove certain domains!
8. eScrubber is used by many of the top email marketing companies already!

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Eliminate worries of someone living in Michigan or Utah submitting a different address and getting into your mailing list!




Reads your "do-not-mail" lists and skips those records upon list building, so it's Can Spam compliant!


sScrubber creates a log file after each use, showing you names removed, blacklisted, illegal, duplicated, and more, so your're not left wondering why it was removed!